How to find and use AR effects on Instagram

Source GADGETSNOW, Instagram AR effects have taken the world by storm since it was launched. AR effects on Instagram is fun and allows users to try out different types of AR effects available on the platform. Instagram also rolled out Spark AR creator tool that even allows users to create their custom stickers. However, there are tons of them already available and if you are looking to try them out, follow our step-by-step guide.

Where to find AR effects on Instagram
AR Stickers on Instagram can be found in several different places such as stories posted by other people, using Effect Gallery, following AR creators Instagram and more. Let’s check out the complete list.

Instagram Stories: You can use any AR Sticker posted in the story by your friends in their stories. All you need to do is tap on the effect title from the upper left corner and then tap on Try it button next to it.

Search for AR Stickers: Open Instagram Camera and swipe right from the effects list at the bottom until you see the search option. Tap on it and look for AR stickers you want to use.

Follow AR creators: On Instagram, tap the Effects tab on their profile to see their collection of effects.

Also, do note that you need to save the effects as your favourite so that you don’t have to search for them to use it again.
How to use Instagram AR effects
1. Open Instagram on your smartphone and tap on the Stories icon (the camera icon from the top left corner)
2. Now, you need to find the AR Stickers which you have seen in the earlier step and added them as favourite
3. Select the Sticker by swiping right and press and hold the camera button to start the recording.