How to fill out and create a digital signature form

How to fill out and create a digital signature form:

  1. Open an email containing the SignRequest form and click review document
  2. Click on the required field and click the icon of the letter “T”
  3. Fill the text or answer from the column that you will fill in then click insert
  4. Repeat until all sections are filled correctly
  5. Scroll down and click on the section (please sign here)
  6. Click the pencil drawing on the left.
  7. Select the signature you would like to create: Type/ Draw/ Upload. Type> please type your signature. Draw> please draw your signature. Upload> please upload your signature.
  8. Click save and insert then Please adjust the position and size of your signature.
  9. Click on the (Name of Requester) and click the icon letter “T”
  10. Enter text or type your name and click insert
  11. Click Options on the top right
  12. Click download document
  13. Please send the completed and signed form by email to¬†[email protected]