How to enhance your SIM-security by setting up SIM PIN lock

How to enhance your SIM-security by setting up SIM PIN lock
Smartphone users usually protect the data stored on their devices by setting up a biometric lock, PIN or passcode. But what about the data stored in SIM memory? What if someone takes out the SIM card and starts using it on another phone? Remember, it contains a lot more information other than just phone numbers. This includes billing information and transaction OTPs too come through SIM card.

Simply put, a smartphone’s lock screen does not lock the SIM card inside it or even setting up app lock or encrypting the entire smartphone or using the boot-time password on your smartphone does not protect the SIM card or its data.

Well, then how to protect the SIM card and the data stored on it. The answer is SIM PIN, which is also the only way that adds an additional layer of protection to the SIM. Once the SIM PIN lock is enabled, each time you’ll restart the smartphone or swap the SIM to some other smartphone, it will ask you to enter your SIM PIN and without the authentication, SIM card will not be accessible at all.

Do note that in case you forget your SIM PIN and you will need to call customer care. As it will ask for PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code to unlock the SIM.
1. Go to Settings and tap on Security
2. Now, tap on Other security settings or More security settings
3. Tap on Set up SIM card lock
4. Enter default PIN of your SIM card
The default SIM PIN differs from operator to operator. For example, Airtel users can enter 1234 and the default SIM PIN for Vodafone users is 0000.
5. To change the default SIM PIN, tap on Change SIM card PIN.
6. Enter the current PIN to verify and then enter the new PIN of your choice and confirm it again to save the new PIN.

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