How to Download Videos from YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most commonly used platform that people use for video consumption. Despite Indian consumers swimming in unlimited data — telecom companies are getting competitively generous by the day – there are times when it’s not always possible to stream video content.
Just for those times, there is a very useful feature in the YouTube app (unfortunately this feature is available just on the app and not on desktop) for both iOS and Android. Here is how you can do it:

1. Go to the video you want to save
2. Below the video you will find the second option from the right as Download
3. Tap on that and the app will give you an option of selecting the video quality — low, medium and HD and also indicate the size of each file. You can select the option to ‘Remember my settings’
4. In order to find the downloaded videos tap on Library
5. Look for Downloads and Tap on that
6. Now you will see the list of all the videos you have downloaded
7. In case you want to delete a video click on the three dots against that video and you will find the option ‘Delete from downloads’

Readers must note that these videos remain on the app as long as the device has an internet connection for 29 days. However, the downloaded videos can be played offline for a continuous period of up to 48 hours. After that, you will need to reconnect your device to a mobile or Wi-Fi network after every 48 hours so that the app can check in case there is a change in the video or its availability for offline viewing remains. Therefore, if a video is no longer available for offline playback, it will be removed from your device during the next sync. These videos can be downloaded via both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Also, not all videos on YouTube are available for offline viewing.

For those who are short on internal storage, these downloaded videos can be saved to the SD card also. For that you will have to go to your profile> Settings> Downloads. Toggle on the option of ‘Use SD card’ (Save videos to the SD card).