How to download and save photos/videos from WhatsApp status

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp introduced ‘Snapchat Stories’ like photo and video sharing feature back in 2017. Dubbed as WhatsApp Status, the feature works in a similar way like the Snapchat Stories in which a shared photo or video gets deleted automatically after 24 hours.

At times, people want to save a status posted by their friends and family and start looking for a method that is just more than a screenshot. Having said that, WhatsApp does not offer any such feature within the app and hence there comes the need of a workaround that allows users to save the photos and videos from WhatsApp Status.

There are two ways to do that, one by using dedicated third-party apps and second using any file manager app.

We understand that using a third-party app is not the best solution as there can be a privacy concern with some users.

Method 1: Save WhatsApp Status using the File manager app
WhatsApp stores the Status photos and videos on the smartphone storage temporarily and erase them after 24 hours. All we need to do is find those files and transfer them to another folder on the phone.

Most of the smartphone brand like Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, etc include a file manager app with their operating system. Stock Android users can download any file manager from Google Play Store (Asus File Manager, Files, etc)
1. First, Open WhatsApp and view the status
2. This will make a temporary copy of the image and video on the local storage
3. This will make a temporary copy of the image and video on the local storage
4. Open File manager app
5. Head to the ‘Settings’ of the app and turn on ‘Show hidden files’ option
6. Now, navigate to the WhatsApp > Media >.Statuses
7. Copy the photos and videos you want to save and paste it to another folder

Method 2: Using third-party app
There are several apps available specifically designed to copy WhatsApp Status files such as Status Saver, etc
Download the app and it will automatically fetch all the files, hit the Save button to store the file on the device.