How to Clean Your Room in 10 Minutes

You were supposed to clean your room all week. Here’s what you need to do immediately:

1. Prioritize.
Look at your room. What is the biggest problem? Shoe piles? Crusty old dishes? Crusty old dishes and half-empty glasses of milk under the bed that are creating a sour odor? Try to treating a shared room as if it were completely yours.

2. Get rid of the major offender.
Refer to the Priority Messes identified in step one. If it’s clothes and shoes all over the floor, run and get the laundry basket, pile everything into it (shoes at the bottom. Alternately if it’s books and papers, fly around your room, picking up every single book and sheet of paper, regardless of what they are, and put them all in two tidy piles on your desk or on the floor by your bed

3. Hide anything super-personal.
We all have crap we don’t want other people to see. None of these things are shameful but they’re not exactly things you need your new friends to be intimately acquainted with.

4. Open all the windows.
Spray one squirt of your perfume right in front of your door, close to the ceiling, and fan it around with your hands. Now anyone will have a first impression of a good-smelling room.

5. Quickly make the bed.
The bed is the biggest thing in your room, it will give the impression that the room is a lot more tidy. Just pull the sheets up and drag the bedcover over the top. Place the one item next to your pillows.

6. Get rid of anything dirty stuff.
Grab all dirty crusty dishes/water glasses/Tupperware and run them to the kitchen sink. Then take the overflowing trash out. Remember: there’s a HUGE difference between “messy” and “gross.” Clutter = messy.

7. Put a clean gym sock on each of your hands.
Get one wet. Use the wet one on anything sticky and the dry one over anything truly, horribly dusty.

Now your room is now passably neat. Your room looks like it belongs to a casually neat person, a person who never has to worry about someone coming over unexpectedly.

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