How to check Airpods battery on your Android device

Apple made a big push towards the ‘wireless communication’ area in 2016 by launching its first wireless earphones, Airpods. The firm also ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Although the audio accessory was meant to work in tandem with Apple devices, curious minds soon found out that it can also work when paired with and Android device. Although its plays well with an OS coming from the rival company, one of the features Android Airpods users missed was keeping a track of the accessory’s battery level.

However, it looks like this is no more an issue now. If you are one of those unique members who use Airpods with an Android device and are having a tough time checking how much battery is left in the earphones, here’s how an app can solve the problem.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and search for ‘AirBattery’
Step 2: Find the particular app (developed by Georg Friedrich).
Step 3: Install the app on your Android device.
Step 4: Once installed open the lid of your connected Airpods’ charging case. This is show a popup on to your handset, revealing the battery levels of each Airpods and the battery case.

Note: The battery level of the Airpods and the battery case will only be displayed when both the earpieces are inside the case.

Although this is a free-to-use app, you can also unlock the ‘Pro’ version where you’ll get rid of the advertisements and customise the refresh frequency.

Last year, noted analyst from KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed this in an investors note that Apple could launch the second-generation Airpods this year. Kuo did not reveal the specifics of the upcoming Airpods. But he did reveal that it may come with a ‘smaller quartz component’. It is likely to arrive alongside three iPhone models, one of which is the successor to the iPhone X.