How To Become FasaPay Merchant

FasaPay is a non-banking company engaged in the business of electronic money transfer, payment gateway and management as well as a company that develops and running the service of FasaPay

Here’s the steps to become FasaPay merchant :

  1. Prospective merchants contact our marketing team via email [email protected]
  2. Prospective merchants send the company website address
  3. If it is approved, prospective merchant register on FasaPay Registration Pages
  4. Upload Personal in Charge of fasapay account international passport along with upper part image (State Emblem/regulation part) : Login > Profile > Upload ID
  5. Update bank account : Login > Profile > Bank > Add Bank
  6. Upload company statement letter image (jpg/jpeg/png) that stating the Personal in Charge of FasaPay account is company’s employees. Complete the statement letter with company logo, authorized signature and company stamp : Login > Profile > Upload ID
  7. Upgrade membership status from ACTIVE to CORPORATE by uploading Certificate of Incorporations image (jpg/jpeg/png) : Login > Profile > Upload ID
  8. Integrate FasaPay SCI into merchants website. The guide about this SCI usage is provided via member page, merchant could check this link for more information
    a. SCI Guide
    b. API Guide
    c. Sandbox (for transaction testing)