How to back up Photos to Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best places to back up your photos and keep them safe. Whether you use an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC, there’s a free app available that will back up all your snaps automatically.

If you choose ‘High quality’ as the upload size, you’ll have unlimited storage for your backups, but Google will automatically compress any photos larger than 16MP.

If you choose ‘Original’, the photos will be uploaded without any compression, but you’ll be limited by your Google account’s storage quota. This is 15GB for free accounts, though you can buy more space if you want.

Back up to Google Photos from a phone or tablet
1. Download the Google Photos app for iOS or Android.
2. Open the app and tap the menu button (three horizontal bars).
3. Select ‘Settings’, then tap ‘Backup and sync’.
4. Turn backups on using the switch at the top.
5. Back up to Google Photos from a PC or Mac

Back up to Google Photos from a PC or Mac
1. Download and install Google Backup and Sync.
2. Sign in with your Google account.
3. Select your Pictures folder.
4. Choose to upload photos in high or original quality.
5. Check ‘Upload photos and videos to Google Photos’.
6. Choose whether to sync files from Google Drive.
7. Click ‘OK’ to begin backing up.

Source : techradar