How to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is the most wanted service and app of tech giant Google. It is the best way to keep a tab on tasks which needs to be done and we do not wish to forget. It remains useful though we carry our phone all around or just sit in front of the PC. You can assemble all the events and tasks in one place and you can easily do them with the help of the Google Calendar.

How to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar
There is primarily an extension which has mainly been developed for this purpose. One needs to take advantage of it.
Steps to add Facebook events to your Google Calendar
• Checker Plus is highly recommended by the Google Calendar. This extension can easily be added to the Chrome browser.
• After adding the extension, one can easily add Facebook events to the Google Calendar. You have to open the browser before logging onto the Facebook account.
• After logging into the Facebook account, you have to click on the options Events. You can find it on the Menu on the left-hand side of the Facebook Homepage. It is in the Explore section.
• All the events that you have in Facebook can be found over here. You can find the ones where you have been invited, the ones which you will be attending. You can even find the events that you have yourself created.
• From the list, you have to choose the event that you wish to add on the Google Calendar.
• For the Google Calendar extended icon, click on the Checker Plus.
• This way a window will open where you can see the Calendar. A pop-up window can also be seen with all the data that have been provided for the event you wish to attend.
• You can find the title, date, name and time of the event along with a drop-down menu. If you want to add the event to the calendar of the Google account and simply add it. It can also be done for any of the other Calendar that is already attached to your account.
• Next, you need to choose as per your interests. This way, the events will be added automatically from the Facebook event to the Google Calendar.
Thus, by completing the above-mentioned steps the events will get added to your Google Calendar.

Source : GIZBOT