How Google Will Help You Keep Your Passwords Secure

Google brought a new extension for its Google Chrome browser to help users identify if their account has been compromised and prompted them to change the password of the account.

Now, the company has announced new features via their Safety & Security blog to boost the safety of their Google-owned services and products, including password security.

As part of the feature, Google has added the password checkup feature right into the Google Account, which scans all the saved passwords and recommends the necessary actions.

Chrome Sync must be active to make this feature work
Working internet connectivity
1. Open “” in the browser.
2. Log in using Google Account, if not signed-in already.
3. Now, navigate to ‘Security’ section
4. Scroll down and look for the option “Signing in to other sites” at the bottom of the page
5. Choose “Password Manager” option
6. At the next page, click on Get Started to activate the service
The page will show the list of all the saved passwords in that particular Google Account.
7. Now, click on Check passwords link
8. It will redirect you to another page with Check Passwords Button, click on it
9. Here you will be asked to enter the password again for verification
10. After this, Google will analyze all the saved passwords and show the result in three categories — compromised, reused and weak.
11. The Checkup tool also reveals the list of accounts that have similar passwords.