Home Decorating Tips for Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr brings a wave of joy for people. Yes, it has long been associated with pompous decorations, glitzy fervor, and reuniting with your big family. This pleasure should be reflected from your home as well, regarding your whole family will visit it. The entire home should shout the words decorations and adornment.

Here, we have some ideas that how you can make special decor your home on Eid days. Take a look!

Fill some memories in
Display your beautiful memories with your loved ones on these special days! Put some photos prints on your living room table and show your precious moments with your family. Beside, they will add up some personal feeling to light up the room.

Play around with pillows
Throw pillows with bold design add a casual chic vibe to the room. Don’t be shy to pile them on and mix some patterns. Combine large prints with small ones, florals with geometrics. You want some specific designs? We can help you make your own customized throw pillows. You can put your design or photo in your throw pillow. How awesome is that?

Pattern play
Spike the interest level in a neutral room with a few splatters of pattern such as trellis, ikats, florals, and many more. The trick to mixing patterns is to pick a color theme and to use big swaths of solid color (in sofas, chairs, or ottomans) to anchor the space.

Texture matters
Not just pattern that will add up some spark in your room, texture does too. Make every surface pleasing to the touch and the eye. This is the place to fill with luxurious fabrics, furnishings and finishes.

Spice up a bare wall
Use your wall as display. Hang some photos or drawings that make your wall stunningly artsy. Make it pops with top quality customized canvas arts or even magnets with your own designs, drawings, or family photos. It will accent your room, plus add a warmer sense.

Accent with plant
Creating a grouping by adding a leafy plant (or two) would give that space a fresher, more sophisticated look. A low-maintenance plant that thrives in natural light, like a schefflera, is a smart pick.

It’s not easy to throw your surroundings with rich decorations but still breathe elegancy. Yet, we have some good news for you. You can create your own decorations to match will the whole room with Printerous. We make customized and personalized products just for you. Printerous help you give a personal touch in every corner of your room.

So, give a warm welcome to visitors, friends and relatives with flashy look of your home. Be festive with Printerous!

Source: https://www.printerous.com/blog/en/home-decorating-tips-for-eid-al-fitr/