Guide Withdraw to FasaPay via Direct MasterChanger ePOIN

Please follow this new steps withdraw through Direct MasterChanger ePOIN

    Steps on FasaPay Web :

  1. Please log in to
  2. Select the menu Transactions then Withdraw then select MasterChanger then select Direct MasterChanger
  3. Fill the Withdrawal Transaction Data
    • From Currency : choose USD or IDR
    • Master Changer : choose Master Changer ePOIN, Add Note if necessary
    • Check/Tick (V) the “Help input personal data”
    • Check Help Upload ID to MasterChanger.
  4. Click Create and then you will shown the transaction Detail
  5. Click Continue and then you will transferred to the EPOIN transaction form.
  6. Steps on the ePOIN Web :

  7. Fill the bank data
    • Bank : bank name.
    • Account Number : bank account number.
    • Account Number Name : Owner of the bank account number.
  8. Fill the verification code and the click Submit.
  9. And then you will shown the Sell USD/IDR confirmation details.
  10. Check/Tick (V) the Agreement Button
  11. Click Proses.
  12. You will shown the Sell USD/IDR check-out form.
  13. Klik Pay via USD/IDR
  14. Click Pay via USD/IDR you will be transferred to SCI Page.
  15. Login to account
  16. Click Proses
  17. And then you will shown transaction details.
  18. Fill the transaction PIN
  19. Check/Tick (V) the Agreement Button
  20. And then you will shown transaction success page.