Google may have a new name for this iPhone-like feature for Android phones

Google has been known to be working on a feature that works similar to Apple’s Airdrop feature. Back in July 2019, it was reported that Google is revamped its Android Beam and will launch it as ‘Fast Share’.

Now, a fresh report by XDA-Developers claims that Google is again rebranding it and will call it ‘Nearby Sharing’. This feature with its new name has been spotted in the apk version of Google Play Services v20.1.03. Even though there is no official date of launch for the feature, the XDA-Developers report has posted screenshots of how this feature will work on Android phones.

From the screenshots, it can be seen that the Nearby Sharing feature shortcut will appear in the shortcut menu. The feature will require the two devices to be placed with 1 foot distance. Other than that, they will need Bluetooth and Location services to be enabled. For the feature to work, a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot might be created.

Under the Nearby Sharing settings, users will get to see information including account name and device name. Also, there is going to be a section of ‘device visibility’ — which in the screenshot shows ‘all contacts’. It is possible you can set the privacy settings to everyone or nobody similar to how it is on WhatsApp. Another section in the same settings is to share the files ‘without internet’ under which it reads ‘files will always be shared offline’
This feature, when rolled out will work same as how AirDrop feature works on iOS and Mac.

Last month, Google was spotted working on another feature that Apple already introduced in iOS 13 this year. It has been reported that the internet search giant is planning to add scheduling option to its Dark Mode. It is worth adding that users could auto-switch between dark and light themes in the early stages of Android 10 based on the time of the day. However, before Android 10 rolled out to the masses, the company pulled this feature citing some compatibility issues. Now, as per the Google Issue Tracker, the firm has managed to fix it and bring the feature in the upcoming Android updates. Google, however, didn’t confirm which version will include Dark Mode scheduling.