Google Maps Helps Commuters Get to Work

With its latest update to Google Maps, Google is trying to make the lives of commuters a little easier. Commutes to work are never likely to be fun, but they can at least be a little less frustrating. And Google Maps might be the key…

Google Maps Features for Commuters

Google Maps now boasts a dedicated Commute tab. This is packed full of features designed to help commuters plan their route to work, see the latest traffic reports and travel delays, and generally make the daily commute a less stressful experience.

There’s support for mixed-mode commutes. These being commutes involving more than one mode of transport. This displays information about each leg of your trip, allowing you to factor in delays and disruption to give you an up-to-date ETA.

If you rely on busses, trains, and/or trams, Google Maps now shows real-time public transport updates. If you’re commuting in one of the 80 regions around the world Google currently supports you’ll be able to see exactly where your next ride is on the map.

Last but not least, you can now stream music without leaving Google Maps. You can now Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music right from within Google Maps, allowing you to browse your music collection without having to switch apps.

Google Helps You Plan Your Commute

The dedicated Commute tab is being rolled out on Android and on iOS this week. All you need to do is update Google Maps and then click the Commute tab to check out the new features. There’s also a Google Maps Help page designed to help you plan your commute.

We’re big fans of Google Maps here at MakeUseOf. And if you are too you should read about how Google Maps works. However, if you’re not a fan, and are instead a sucker for punishment perhaps it’s time to switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps. Or maybe not.

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