Google features secret text adventure game

Google is well known for hiding Easter eggs in its products, and the company always excels itself on April Fools’ Day. It turns out there’s a full text adventure game lurking within the Google Search developer console… if you know how to find it.

Google users, let the games begin.

A Reddit post made headlines this week for uncovering a fun feature: a text adventure game inside the search engine.

“Found a crazy Easter egg,” the Redditor wrote on a Google subreddit Sept. 19 before revealing how to find the challenge.


“Search for text adventure and open up the dev console,” the Reddit user explained. “It’s [sic] asks if you want to play a game.”

Sure enough, Google sleuths can find the game by looking up the phrase “text adventure.”

Users must right-click the search bar and select “Inspect” from a menu that pops up, USA Today notes. Then, they should look to the right of the page and choose “Console” from the top of menu.


Once that’s complete, the challenge kicks off.

“Would you like to play a game? (yes/no)” Google asks in a message.

Daredevils who type “yes” then play a game where they are the G at the start of “Google.” Then they must find the rest of the letters by entering various single word commands.

Google has a terse reply if you type “no” and indicate you don’t want to play.

“Fine, be that way,” the search engine says.

Source : FOX NEWS