Google Clips Now Can Take High Resolution Photos

Google Clips can now take high-resolution photos via manual capture, as spotted by 9to5Google. A recent update on the Google Play Store states that when the shutter button on the device is pushed, either manually on the device or in the app’s Live Preview, the captured photo will be saved in high resolution. Users will also now be able to pinch to zoom in the app. To do so, tap on “edit” on any of your clips and pinch to get a closer look.

Google Clips is a hands-free AI-powered camera that debuted last year with the promise of automatically taking short videos of memorable moments between your friends, family members, and pets. The device has a fixed-focus f/2.4 lens with a 130-degree wide-angle view. In our review of the device, we noted that the point of the Clips is to let the camera take automatic candid photos wherever it’s placed, but poor image quality made it difficult to trust it over taking the photos yourself. Clips’ update today might alleviate some quality concerns, though you’ll still have to control when the camera snaps that picture.

The camera cost $249 and went on sale in January.

Source: msn