Google Assistant routines: How to do multiple actions with one command

Google Assistant now supports multi-step routines.

Copying Amazon, Google first announced it would add multistep smart home routines last October. The feature allows you to do several actions, such as turn off the lights and change the temperature on a thermostat, with a single voice command. Now, thanks to a Google support page that has gone live, we know the feature is ready in the US and that it supports six different routines at launch.

What are Google Assistant routines?
Announced last year, Google Assistant’s routines are finally beginning to roll out, allowing a single command to initiate multiple actions.

In the US, it will replace the existing “My Day” daily recap feature. As a result, you will notice the “My Day” menu under the Services list in the Home app has been replaced with “Routines.” Daily recaps are now integrated into the new “good morning” routine, which you can use to hear the weather, commute, calendar, and more. Currently, routines are enabled on Google Home and Assistant for Android and iOS.

Which Google Assistant routines are available?
The first round of routines are Good Morning, Bedtime, Leaving Home, Commuting to Work, Commuting Home, and I’m Home. It looks like the Good Morning routine is the only one that’s available at this moment, but others should be turned on soon. Keep in mind the two commuting routines are only accessible from Assistant on your mobile phone, as you’ll only need them while on the go.

As an aside, on Android, Assistant shows an overlay at the top of the screen to indicate when you’re using a routine.

Google Assistant Routines How To Do Multiple Actions With One

How do Google Assistant routines work?
Note: You can change and add multiple actions to a routine, as well as change the phrase to trigger a routine.