FasaPay SCI Joomla Plugin

Download FasaPay SCI Joomla Plugin

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Instal FasaPay SCI Joomla Plugin
Required: Virtuemart must be installed first.

  1. Log in into joomla Dashboard
  2. In the top menu hover over Extensions and click Extension Manager
  3. Under Upload Package Manager, click Browse and find the plgvm_vmpayment_fasapay_v1.0.zip
    • After clicking the file name, click open and cklick Upload & Install
    • When Install Successfull you will see confirmation Message
  4. After successfull install you need to enable the Plug-In First
    • In the top menu, hover over Extensions and click Plug-In Manager
  5. Use the Filter feature to find FasaPay plugin, and then click on the plugin in the list and set the status to Enabled
  6. Now you need to add the Payment to your Virtuemart
    • go to Components > Virtuemart
  7. Under Shop Menu Choose Payment Methods
  8. Click New
  9. Pick FasaPay or sometimes VPAYMENT_FASAPAY on the Payment Method
    • Fill All other required Field and Select YES on Published field
    • Save it
  10. Now You need to configure your FasaPay
    • Go to COnfiguration Tab and fill the form
  11. If you want to enable IPN you need to create FasaPay store too
    • Go to https://www.fasapay.com/ and login to your Member Area
    • Under SCI Menu Choose Store
    • Set the store name the same name you inputed at the Plugin configuration
    • Set the Secret word the same Secret word you inputed at the Plugin Configuration
    • Set All the method to POST
    • Set Success URL to http://yoursite.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginresponsereceived
    • SetFail URL to http://yoursite.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginUserPaymentCancel
    • SetStatus URL to http://yoursite.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=pluginresponse&task=pluginnotification&tmpl=component