FasaPay Donation for Medical Officers and Volunteers

The widespread spread of the corona virus in Indonesia has had a very alarming effect.

As is known thousands of people are positive and under surveillance, while hundreds more died.

The government has issued a policy to anticipate the spread of corona virus that increasingly widespread, such as online learning for school children, online lectures, working from home, etc.

However, what about medical personnel who don’t have the choice to work from home? Medical personnel are at the forefront for now. The risk of their work is very high to protect us all. Current medical personnel need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We cannot remain silent to see the spread of this virus. We must help to finish the spread of the corona virus as soon as possible and help provide the tools needed by medical personnel.

Let’s raise funds to help medical personnel. For fund raising please click the following link https://donation.fasapay.net/donasi/index