Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet – Working and Tested Tips

1. Freelancer
At Freelancer, you can find various freelancing jobs. Since you are the one who knows what you are good at (writing, web-designing, social media, or anything), you can find the job listed by many others and you can apply for it.

The job varies from$1-$300/hour. For the starter, you need to create a free account and start building your profile. What recommended is to start working at the low price and give your best. Try to get as many positive testimonials as possible and once you have built a good profile you can start raising your hourly price. In simple word, Freelancer.com is a marketplace which connects freelancer with others.

2. Become Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistant is a popular kind of job that anyone with limited internet skills can use and make money. In virtual assistant job you will be hired by anybody on internet and make a list, clean up e-mail inbox to name a few. This is so far one of the easiest job type you can find on internet and earn decent income.

3. Fiverr
One of the biggest drawback of above two method is you need to look for recruiter. If you don’t find a job which matches your skill-set, you have to be idle.
This 3rd methos is for those who have a defined skill set which is unique in nature. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell your skills starting at $5 and earn more. For example, if you are someone who can convert text into speech, or install WordPress or do any other thing which is in demand, you can earn good income.

4. Blogging
If you have patience and writing skills, blogging is the best way to make online money. You can make a free blog on Blogger. You need to write a post time to time keeping lots of factors in your mind like SEO, marketing of blog, design of blog, and you can attract lots of visitors and after certain period of time you can monetize your blog. There are lots of ways for making money by blogs like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and various ads program like Chitika, Infolinks, etc.

5. Freelance Writing
For persons who are experienced journalist, editors, and copyrighters, freelance writing is a great source of money. Depending upon what level you are at, you can pick the right medium for you. You can start by taking a freelance writing job from some sites and start building your profile. Another smart way by which you can make huge money online from freelance writing is building a visible portfolio.

Create a blog and showcase your writing. You can add a page like “Hire me” or “Services” and let other hire you for the work. If you are talented writer then you can write for newspaper and magazines too. Many large newspapers and magazine organization take freelancers to save money on full-time employees.

6. Programmers
If you are a programming geek and you have a knowledge of C++, Java, NET, PHP, then you don’t need to worry about any work. There are lots of opportunities available on the internet. You can get a freelancing work on Freelancer very easily and earn descent amount of money from your work.

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