Biography of Andy Rubin – Inventor of The Android OS

Andy Rubin was born on June 22, 1946 in New Bedford, United States. He is the developer of the Android OS. Since childhood, he has a great interest in all things that smell robot. At Carl Zeiss AG, where he first worked after graduating from college, Rubin was placed in a robotics division, on digital communications between network devices and manufacturing measurement. Following from Carl Zeiss, he had worked in the field of robot in a company in Switzerland.

Rubin’s career in the field of robotics seems increasingly clear, but his life changed because of holidays in the Cayman Island in 1989. While visiting the tropical islands in Jamaica, Rubin accidentally met with a man named Bill Caswell. Casswell offered Andy a job. Amazing coincidence that the man was working at Apple. At that time, Apple is still in good condition thanks to the Macintosh computer. Apple culture was transmitted to the self-Rubin.

From manufacturing, Rubin moved to the research at Apple. Then, in 1990, Apple did a spin off to form a company called General Magic and Rubin participate in it. General Magic focuses on the development of handheld devices and communications.

Some developers at General Magic, along with several veterans of Apple, then set up Artemis Research. The company is developing something called WebTV. Rubin joined Artemis for the co-developed the WebTV. When Microsoft bought Artemis, in 1997, Rubin was joined by the giant company. Rubin built a camera-equipped robot to work on his colleagues. Rubin out of WebTV. He then rented a store in Palo Alto, California.

In a place born of an idea for a new product. Along with several colleagues, Rubin later founded Danger Inc. Originally, the device is named Danger Hiptop, but the market was known as T-Mobile Sidekick. Currently, the Sidekick is already looking worn, but in his time, the Sidekick is an object which is at odds with the concept of technology that transcends time. When it appeared on the market, the Sidekick must face the fact that the PDA market is being lost. However, Rubin asserted that the Sidekick is not a PDA.

In 2008 Andy Rubin company was bought by Microsoft. The giant seems to be interested to enter the mobile phone business with more aggressive again. Microsoft bought Danger Inc. a price of $ 500 million. Then, they were asked to develop a mobile phone known as Project Pink. The target, this phone should be a rival iPhone and BlackBerry.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 that should be used for Project Pink, not yet ready. As a result, when it launched, the phone is finally called Microsoft Kin uses the Windows operating system for mobile phones are “old”. A cold welcome any market making Kin eventually be closed, only a few months since its launch.

In early 2002, Rubin was giving a lecture at Stanford on the development of Sidekick. Because, although sales of the Sidekick in the market did not explode, the device was considered good enough in terms of engineering. A coincidence that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, was also present in these lectures.

Android started from a simple idea “provide a powerful mobile platform and open so that it can encourage more rapid innovation and customer benefit,” said Rubin. On July 2005 Rubin choose to join Google. In addition to Andy Rubin, Google is making a lot of brilliant people from Android. These include Andy McFadden (WebTV developers with Rubin, and also the developer of Moxi Digital); Richard Miner (former vice president at the telecommunications company Orange) and Chris White (founder of Android and the display and interface designers WebTV).

Together with Google, Android given the extra power. Company from Mountain View, California that later formed the Open Handset Alliance to develop tools for Android. Android’s presence seems to try to shake the dominance of the mobile market in the U.S.. In Indonesia, Android also appears ready to be a prima donna after appearing in a tumult in Indonesia Celullar Show 2010.

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