Apple updates iOS 12 to fix iPhone XS

Apple has just released iOS 12.0.1, which brings a couple of key fixes for bugs plaguing the latest iPhone XS and XS Max.

That includes the curious problem of the iPhone XS requiring users to unlock their devices before they’ll begin charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in.

The update will also prevent your iPhone XS or XS Max from connecting to a 2.4GHz channel on a Wi-Fi network, when a higher bandwidth 5GHz channel is available. Hopefully, that’ll ensure you don’t face poor connectivity and slow speeds the next time you hope on your home network. Oh, and the ‘.?123‘ key is back in its original position on the default keyboard now.

The update is already available, and you can find it by tapping the Settings icon on your iPhone or iPad, and then heading to General > Software Update.

Source : msn