Add your FasaPay Account Security with Transaction PIN

In a security and privacy transaction are two important things required in using FasaPay. This is because FasaPay contains important information relating to Merchant’s financial transactions and members.

Even if you already use password and pin settings, you can use Transaction PIN code to increase your account security level. One is the Transaction PIN, a security feature available in FasaPay to keep your FasaPay account more secure.

Then, how do you manage the FasaPay Transaction PIN?

For Setting Pin Transaction is in the menu: Profile> Transaction PIN. To activate it simply by clicking the slider to ON and entering Master Code. Similarly to disable.

There are 3 options in the Transaction Pin are: PIN on TopUp, PIN on Redeem, PIN on Transfer. Like PIN Setting, you can choose where PIN will be shipped: email, mobile or both. Or you can also choose a Static PIN, a fixed PIN that you set yourself.

You can choose 3 pins option above or choose one of them. If you enable Pin on TopUp you will get the pin after you fill the deposit form. For the flow: Enter transaction menu> deposit> fill form> and you will get TopUp Pin in email or mobile. So is Pin on Redeem and Pin on Transfer.

Easy is not it? Let’s start the easy steps above for more security of your FasaPay account.