A Glimpse at Spotify on the Apple Watch

What Is in the Spotify Apple Watch App?
Users can select playlists and play them in shuffle mode in the app. The ‘Now Playing’ screen has received an upgrade, allowing users to favorite songs to add them to their library. There is a new Spotify complication for easy access to the app from the home screen. Users can also use the app to jump between playback devices connected to the same WiFi network.

Those with an Apple Watch Series 4 will get audio and haptic feedback when they adjust the volume using the digital crown.

Spotify is currently testing an Apple Watch app that’s expected to debut soon. We’ve been able to get access to Spotify’s Apple Watch app ahead of its release to try it out and find out what’s in store. The app itself appears to be an initial release with very basic features. There’s no offline support for playing Spotify songs on the Apple Watch away from your iPhone, and you can’t stream songs to an Apple Watch over LTE.

Instead, this Spotify Apple Watch app is mainly used as a Spotify Connect controller to let you change music on an iPhone or any other device that’s playing Spotify content and linked to your account. Spotify’s app replaces the “Now Playing” screen on the Apple Watch if you’re listening to Spotify songs on an iPhone, and you can use it to control music playback or pick a playlist.

It’s a very basic app right now
It’s the first time you’ve been able to directly access Spotify playlist / song control on the Apple Watch without using an iPhone, but you can only select playlists individually and set them to shuffle. Spotify is also including a complication for the Apple Watch, but the beta doesn’t currently allow you to display what’s currently being played or set shortcuts to workout playlists.

There are some nice additions over Apple’s traditional “Now Playing” screen, though. You can favorite songs so they’re added to your library, and there’s haptic and audio feedback (on the Apple Watch Series 4) when you use the digital crown to adjust volume.

It’s not clear exactly when Spotify plans to introduce this Apple Watch app, and the company is staying rather quiet about its plans. “We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” said a Spotify spokesperson last week. Either way, this initial version that’s being tested is very basic. Hopefully this is just an initial release, with more features planned for the future.

Source : msn