9 Networking Tips to Make Money on Facebook

These marketers have increased their clients’ profits by as much as 800 percent by boost their brand and create sales with Facebook marketing. Why Facebook you may ask? Wouldn’t it make sense to join the community with the most people? Facebook has more than one billion users and is five times more popular than the next most popular social network. Here’s a view way to create Network Marketing on Facebook

Create an appealing Facebook profile – When someone knows, likes and trusts you, they’re more willing to hear about your business. Choose a professional profile picture. Use your cover image to give people a snapshot of your personality. A complete “about” section makes you more credible and rounds out your personality.

Post publicly on Facebook – The goal is to let your friends know what you do for a living and how you can help them.

Use Facebook Messenger – It is like email, but better. If you’ve previously conversed with a prospect and you’re getting ready to talk to them again, you can quickly review all your previous talks. If you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while, make sure to re-establish the relationship first. You don’t want them to feel like you are only reaching out for business only.

Send messages based on past conversations and what you know about a friend – example : Hey Tom! I know you love houses with a view, and I seem to remember you were looking for a house. Well, check out this amazing lake view property! Do you want to come see it with me?

Keep the conversation going – It’s exciting to have someone respond to your messages. Give them additional information: pictures, videos and details of your offering, and then let them know what is the next step. If you don’t hear back, send them a message once a week asking if they wanted to take the next step.

Stay in touch – It’s only a matter of time until friends want your product. Stay in touch on Facebook by posting quality content and interacting with your friends’ posts. Posting quality content is a balance between business and personal. Post about personal 80% of the time and then Post about business the other 20%. The more you interact with your friend’s posts, the more your business posts appear in their newsfeed. Your friends will also see you as a true friend, not someone just trying to sell them products.

Grow your friends to grow your income – With over a billion users, Facebook offers an unlimited amount of people to talk to if you take the time to build relationships. All you need to do is take the time to reach out and build relationships.

Create a group for support and inspiring sales teams – Whether you’re a manager motivating a team, or have a group of industry peers who want to support each other, Facebook Groups are the answer. You can move mountains when you belong to a group of passionate people working toward the same goals. Once you start your group, post at least a few times a week. It could be a question, words of motivation, pictures, or videos.

Remember, Facebook is part of the strategy, not the whole strategy – Facebook connects you to new people and helps you develop relationships. However, you still need to talk with people face to face, over the phone, and at events.

Source : https://www.inc.com/marla-tabaka/9-networking-tips-to-make-money-on-facebook.html