9 Genius Ways to Clean Every Room in Your Home

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It can be so easy to lose motivation when it comes to keeping the home clean. You’ll have moments of where you’ll want to clean the whole house, but then it goes untouched for a month. I get it, I’ve been there way too many times. It always comes to a point where you realize that you need to clean up or it’s just gonna get worse.

1. Use a Seam Ripper To Clean out Vacuum
If you want to make sure your vacuum is picking up everything it can on your carpet, then try getting out all of the hair and string off the roller with a seam ripper so that there’s nothing blocking it.

2. Clean Faucets Around Home with a Lemon
Whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, a lemon is a great way to get rid of hard water stains on your home faucets.

3. Use Vinegar for Your Faucets and Shower Heads
if you don’t like that scum and dirt that gets trapped in your faucets, then try tying a bag of vinegar with a rubberband around the faucet.

4. Clean Your Stove with Amonia
Preheat your oven 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and then place a bowl of ammonia in the oven along with a pot of boiling water underneath.

5. All-Purpose Cleaner
all-purpose cleaner is an easy and great way to make sure that almost every surface in your home is clean.

6. The Best Way to Clean Window Blinds
If you have a lot of blinds in your home and you can tell that they’re gathering a thick layer of dust, then try out this cleaning hack!

7. Chemical Free Cleaning Wipes
Now if you want easy to grab wipes for the home (or on the go), then this is a simple DIY recipe to try.

8. Use a Magic Eraser for Your Windowsills
Windowsills are prone to get dark with dirt and dust, but a magic eraser is a great way to get rid of it all.

9. Use a Cloth and Broom to Dust the Crown Molding
If you’re having trouble reaching those high places and you notice that they’re getting dirty, then just tie a towel to the end of the broom to dust those hard to reach areas.

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