5 Mind Tricks For Eating Healthy Food

If you constantly cave to cravings and fall prey to the colorful marketing tactics shouting from television screens, try incorporating these simple eating hacks

1. Make Fruits and Vegetables Convenient
From the research that most healthy eaters acquire and maintain their habits because a restaurant, food store, cafeteria, or spouse made fruits and vegetables convenient. To make this work for you, keep a bundle of bananas or a bowl of fruit in a high-traffic area in your house or apartment (i.e. on the kitchen table, on the counter, next to your keys), prepare and portion veggies in portable containers for work, keep bags of nuts and dried fruit in your car, or put healthier foods in the front of your fridge and pantry shelves so they’re easy to grab.

2. Make Healthy Meals Attractive
When healthy foods are displayed attractively or given enticing names, we’re more apt to reach for them. When you’re at home, take the time to prepare meals that look appetizing. They don’t need to have five-star-restaurant-quality pizazz—just appear colorful and appealing.

3. Make Healthy Food Choices Habitual
The last takeaway from the Cornell study is that people eat more healthy foods if it becomes normal and appears to be an obvious choice. If your fridge and pantry only have fruits, veggies and less-processed foods, you won’t be as likely to binge out on a bucket of popcorn at the movie theater.

4. Eat Fruit Before You Shop
Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Grab a slice—of apple and you’ll buy more fruits and vegetables.Try it yourself—not only will eating an apple, a slice of orange, or a stalk of celery decrease your hunger, but it could also encourage you to shop healthier.

5. Make Grocery Lists
Go food shopping with a plan and a list. Those who always shop with a list had higher quality diets.

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