3 Tips To Avoid Being Hacked On Social Media

A couple of weeks ago, a major news service’s Twitter account was hacked, and several fake tweets not only sent through the media, they impacted stocks globally. Social media is often the lifeblood of a small business or brand. So if your social media accounts were to get hacked, it isn’t just your business that’s in danger, it’s your reputation and your online relationships as well.

Here is my best advice to make sure your social media accounts stay in the right hands :

1. Pick a good password manager

Do you know that all of those passwords are secure as well? It isn’t just about picking a strong password that contains numbers and funky characters, because we know how hard it is for everyone to remember those. What your organization needs is strong password management software.

2. Two-step authentication on social accounts

Typically passwords rely solely on something you know, as in a password or PIN you’ve memorized. Better security involves either something you are, like a fingerprint or retinal scan, and something you have, like a pass card.

In two-step, instead of just knowing a password, you also need to have your phone ready to receive a text message or similar electronic communication. When you log-in with your password, you then will also have to enter a second code delivered securely to the device in your pocket.

3. Secure your communication with VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a term most of us associate with ultra-secure communication and large companies—it involves a lot of extra security beyond what is usually called for because it encrypts all of your Internet communication through a secure tunnel. You need to ensure that your employees are using secure networks whenever possible, and a VPN solution is the perfect way to do that.

Source: https://networkingexchangeblog.att.com/small-business/3-tips-to-avoid-being-hacked-on-social-media/